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THE INJECTION MIXER IS 250C – an aktivator and an injection pump in one machine

is250c titulniINJECTION MIXER IS 250C is high output machine for preparation and application of injection mixtures (cement, water, bentonit) for special foundation work in the construction industry.

The machine consists of an activator with circulating pump, mixer and injection pump, which can be removed from the frame and used independently. The vessel is equipped with water supply pipes (with an outlet fitted with a hose for the machine cleaning) and a pin used for opening of paper bags.

The layout of the machine is such, that all the controls are operated from one place.

Injection mixture preparation

After the activation vessel is filled with the individual components and the circulation pump is switched on, the mixture is sucked from the activation vessel through a delivery pipe and two-way closing valve with tangential inlet back to the vessel. As a result the mixture is intensively mixed and all small solid fragments are splintered. Due to the high output of the COLCRETE mixer, the activation is completed within one minute. After that the mixture is transferred to a vessel, where it is mixed by means of low speed screw and sucked as needed by HP 1080 injection pump.

Technical specification [PDF; 128 kB]

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