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THE INJECTION PUMP HP10/80 – effective pumping

1080_titulniTHE INJECTION PUMP HAPONIC 10/80 is designed for grouting and transport of cement, concrete or other abrasive materials.

Its advantages include easy maintenance and service. It is equipped with an electro-hydraulic drive which allows the fine setting of pressure and transport volume as well as setting the maximum injection pressure. . The pump has the option of connecting a hydraulic circuit in two different modes (either higher pressure and lower volume capacity - or lower pressure and higher volume capacity - see table of basic technical data). The machine is equipped with a digital display indicating the number of strokes since reset. The pressure of pumped material is indicated by a classic pressure gauge.

Easy control and maintenance of injection pump

The plunger seal is lubricated in an oil bath in a clear container thus allowing simple visual monitoring . The suction and delivery pipes are equipped with three-way taps which facilitate rinsing of the machine without dismantling of the suction and delivery parts, thus en abling easy cleaning. All control elements are located under a locked cover..This prevents any damage caused by unqualified personnel.

Selection of equipment for injection pumps

The injection pump may be equipped with a socket for remote control, so with the aid of a special device the machine can be swit ched on and off. A digital pressure indicator with 0,5% accuracy and 0,01 MPa differentiating ability may also be installed. It is possible to ask the supplier to equip the pump with an electronically controlled hydrogenerator, monitoring during grouting, etc. The machine design also allows several working units to be connected into one technological unit.

Technical specification [PDF; 73 kB]

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 Max. output pressure  4 MPa  10,5 MPa
  Max. supply of materialí  60 l/min  20 l/min
LENGTH HEIGHT POWER INPUT Complete weight (with oil)
710 mm 1000 mm 1320 mm 5,5 kW cca 550 kg

Production programme

  • production of machines for special foundation
  • production of drilling tools – drilling rods, casing tubes etc.
  • making and renovation of construction machine spare parts
  • production of machines and its parts
  • sub-contract manufacturing