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vrtaci titulniWe are offering manufacture of complete range of tools for special foundation engineering: drill rods, casings, concreting tubing, augers and drilling buckets.

We can supply drill rods (friction or fusion welded) and casings in the normal sizes with nitrided threads to increase resistance against abrasion.

We can also offer tools for special technology, for example injection method R1 and R2 in diameters 60R1, 63R1 and R2, 89R1 and R2, and 114R2.

Concreting tubing is used for filling drill holes with concrete. They are joined with a wire cable tangentially fed into corresponding recess. Collar is holding the column above the mouth of the tubing. With the tubing we supply O-rings and securing wire cable. On request we can supply transport container.



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Production programme

  • production of machines for special foundation
  • production of drilling tools – drilling rods, casing tubes etc.
  • making and renovation of construction machine spare parts
  • production of machines and its parts
  • sub-contract manufacturing