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THE HAPONIC VP 125/400 PUMP the flushing pump

vp125 titulniTHE HAPONIC VP 125/400 pump is designed to transport concrete or similar materials. Its main use is the pumping of rinsing suspension during rotary drilling.

Its advantages include easy maintenance and service. It can be installed directly onto a drilling unit of corresponding dimensions.(eg. open mine drilling units Hausherr). The pump is driven by hydraulic aggregate carriers.


The VP 125/400-A model is equipped with its own electrohydraulic drive. The pump has two drive cylinders arranged above each other, anchored by fixed pistons at each end. There are small canals along the axis of the piston allowing the inflow and outflow of oil. The lateral area of the cylinders moves in a manner which, with the aid of collars and centric carrier, is then transmitted along the co-axis with arranged plungers between the hydraulic cylinders. The centric carrier joins both plungers, but also allows the plungers a certain radial movement - it is important to the life expectancy of the seal. The operating cylinder, the cylinder head and the hub of the seal are manufactured in one piece, individually for each plunger.

Simple valves with a freely floating ball as a closing device are easily dismantled and accessible for cleaning. The seal with a stuffing box flange enables not only a Chevron packing (standard step) to be used but also a packing cord for example, when necessary. The machine is equipped with independent water distribution for seal lubrication.The VP 125/400-A pump is instaled into a simple frame together with the hydraulic aggregate. The entire machine is driven by a 15 kW electric motor, reaching an output of 3,2 MPa without overload.

Technical specification [PDF; 80 kB]

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 Max. output pressure Power supply
Max. supply of material
 4 MPa *  15kW (VP 125/400-A)  200 l/min

* VP 125/400-A only 3,2 MPa with regard to the electric motor overload


(in brackets the dimensions of the independent pump)

(with oil)
 1000 mm (500 mm) 1915 mm (1900 mm) 1100 mm (750 mm) cca 1150kg (400 kg)

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