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450 titulniDRILLING HEAD HAPONIC 450/275 serves as a source of torque for rotation drilling The boring head /drilling head is equipped with two hydraulic motors whose connection enables to change the scope of revolutions easily. The revolutions in the given scope are controlled by means of regulating elements which are part of the hydraulic system of the bohring machine.

The speed is changed by means of a four-way valve which is part of the boring head. Various boring pins and flushing heads may be connected to the main shaft. The maximum torque and revolutions depend on hydraulic motors used – see the table.

Various types of hydraulic motors can be in the driling head according to the customers requirements. The main shift is movable in the axial direction so that the connection of the boring bars is easy.

Tecnical specification [PDF; 73 kB]

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This table contains only a part of whole assortment.

Revolution, torque, feeding:

Variant WS355 (White) DR300 (White) DR200 (White)
Fast operation 78 rpm / 2355 Nm 103 rpm / 2121 Nm 147 rpm / 1449 Nm
Slow operation 39 rpm / 4710 Nm 51,5 rpm / 4242 Nm 73,5 rpm / 2989 Nm
Feeding 76 l/min / 15,5 MPa 95 l/min / 20,7 MPa 95 l/min / 20,7 MPa
Variant TK400 (PARKER) BR160 (Samhydraulik) BR400 (Samhydraulik)
Fast operation 95 rpm / 3450 Nm 125 rpm / 1110 Nm 51 rpm / 1836 Nm
Slow operation 47,7 rpm / 6900 Nm 62,5 rpm / 3330 Nm 25,5 rpm / 3672 Nm
Feeding 114 l/min / 20,5 MPa 60 l/min / 17,5 MPa 60 l/min / 17,5 MPa

The above figure can be reached only if the intake value of pressure and flow are observed.
Dimensions in mm (h x w x l) – 300 x 450 x approx. 400 (depending on the hydraulic motor used).
Weight – around 118 kg (depending on the hydraulic motor used)
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Production programme

  • production of machines for special foundation
  • production of drilling tools – drilling rods, casing tubes etc.
  • making and renovation of construction machine spare parts
  • production of machines and its parts
  • sub-contract manufacturing